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Swahili Language & Culture Courses

We currently do not offer any degree options for Swahili.

However, students can fulfill the CLAS Language Requirement by completing the Swahili Language Sequence:

Elementary Swahili I: SWA 1010 (4 credits)
Training in pronunciation, aural comprehension, oral and written expression. Supervised laboratory period for part of class preparation.
Elementary Swahili II: SWA 1020  (4 credits)
Continuation of SWA 1010.
Intermediate Swahili: SWA 2010  (4 credits)
Conversational Swahili and grammar review; reading of Swahili literature. Continuation of SWA 1020.


For more information please contact one of the department's Academic Services Officers, Darrell Brockway at (313) 577-3025, or Tiana Tocco at (313) 577-6240. 

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