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Japanese Language & Culture Courses

With its unique cultural tradition and modern economic prowess, has marveled the world throughout modern times. While traditional arts such as tea ceremony, gardening, and architecture have made a strong impact on Western and other cultures, new trends in film, in particular, anime, and the culinary arts have attracted many followers in recent years. In the economic and industrial fields, continues to lead the world in automobile, consumer electronics, and many other areas.

If you are considering learning about or work in the future in a government, non-profit organization, or business relating to , we invite you to study Japanese language and other related subjects at Wayne. We offer a major and minor in Asian Studies with a concentration in Japanese.

We encourage our students to study in Japan during the course of the program through the Japan Center for Michigan Universities and/or our own home-stay program. To find out more about our program, please contact our department office.


  • JPN 1010 & 1020 Beginning Japanese - Introduction to written and spoken Japanese. 4cr.
  • JPN 2010 & 2020 Intermediate Japanese - Continuation of JPN 1020. Focus on language and Japanese culture through situational activities with tasks to develop language proficiency. Enhancement of Kanji (ideograph writing system) learning to help students develop higher reading proficiency. 4cr.
  • JPN 2110 Listening Japanese with Media and Animation - Development of listening skills using Japanese media, animation, and movies. 3cr.
  • JPN 2710 Japanese Culture - Survey of Japanese culture from its beginning to the present day. Japanese thought, religion, art, society, literature, films. 3cr.
  • JPN/ASN 2800 Culture Studies in Japan (Homestay and study tour) - Survey of Japanese cul­ture taught in English. Introduction of family and group organization, customs, pop culture (fashion/music/films), aspects of daily lives (thought/religion/arts/society), and a brief modern history. Also, sur­vival language practice. 3 cr.
  • JPN 3010 & 3020 Advanced Japanese - Introduction to high inter­mediate grammar. Three thematic units: body and health; life and careers; communication and media. Emphasis on communication for business. Introduction to language pertinent to media communication, using written, visual, and/or audio materials. 3cr.
  • JPN 3030 Reading & Writing Japanese - Various writing styles. Emphasis on expanding the vocabulary and Kanji characters. 3cr.
  • JPN 4010 Business Japanese - Expansion of vocabulary and grammar knowledge especially used for business settings. Acquisition of business language and eti­quette, role-playing of conversation patterns, reading business memos and documents. Classes are all task-oriented for business. (Basic.)   3cr.
  • JPN 4030 Modernity in Japanese Literature - Japanese modernity explored through readings in Japanese litera­ture in English translation. No knowledge of Japanese is required. 3cr.

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