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Chinese Language & Culture Courses

China, with its fast economic growth, the world’s largest population, and its rich culture and tradition, plays an important role in today’s world. Students can obtain a BA in Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese.

For students majoring in other fields, we offer beginning to advanced Chinese language classes and content courses in Chinese culture, linguistics, and literature. We also offer a home-stay program in the summer.

Chinese Languages Classes

CHI 1010: Elementary Chinese I  (4 credits)
Beginning Chinese that teaches the basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

CHI 1020: Elementary Chinese II (4 credits)
Continuation of CHI 1010, with focus more on grammar introduction and fluency

CHI 2010: Intermediate Chinese I  (4 credits)
Completion of 3-semester language requirement and basic introduction of Chinese as a second language.

CHI 2020: Intermediate Chinese II  (4 credits)
Intermediate Chinese, with focus on proficiency in all skills of the language

CHI 3100: Advanced Chinese I (4 credits)
With focus on fluency and extensive reading and writing in Chinese

Content courses (all taught in English):

CHI 1005 Introduction to Chinese Culture and Language (taught in English) (3 credits)
Basic introduction of language use and cultural elements of China; does not fulfill language requirement.

CHI 2050 Gateway to Chinese Civilizations (3 credits):
Basic introduction of Chinese history, religion, culture, literature, and arts.

CHI 3010 Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Pop Culture (3 credits):
An analytical and critical introduction to contemporary Chinese pop culture, from the perspectives of the facts and the reasoning behind.

CHI/JPN 5220, LIN 5100 Languages of Asia (3 credits):
Investigation of  all the language families in Asia by examining the grammar, sound system, language contact, and language change of  some major languages with a typological approach.

CHI 5210/LIN 5220 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics (3 credits):
Close examination of the Chinese language in the fields of its structure, sound system, writing system, development, and language contact.

CHI 5230/LIN 5240 Chinese Grammar  (3 credits):
Focus on the structures of Chinese at word- and sentence-formation levels; studies some of the unique constructions in Chinese and prepares students for language learning as well.

CHI 3990 Homestay Trip to China:
Language and culture immersion in China, staying with a host family

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