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Armenian Language & Culture Courses

We currently do not offer any degree options for Armenian.

However, students can fulfill the CLAS Language Requirement by completing the Armenian Language Sequence.

We also offer two Armenian culture courses.

Language Courses

ARM 1010: Elementary Armenian (4 credits)
Introduction to sounds, spelling, speaking, reading, writing, grammar; emphasis on ability to speak and read Armenian. Introduction to ancient Armenian culture.

ARM 1020: Elementary Armenian (4 credits)
Continuation of ARM 1010. Introduction to medieval Armenian culture.

ARM 2010: Intermediate Armenian (4 credits)
Conversation, grammar, reading, composition. Introduction to modern Armenian culture


Culture Courses (in English)

ARM 3410: New Soil, Old Roots: The Immigrant Experience (3 credits)
Armenian, German, Jewish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian immigration to the United States, its effects on the cultures (language, literature, religion, politics, music, art and theatre) of these ethnic groups and its influence upon American culture.

ARM 4750: Survey of Armenian Literature and Culture: Modern Period (3 credits)
The great awakening; great expectations shattered by genocide. Dawn of new hope; cultural explosion in homeland and in the diaspora.


For more information please contact one of the department's Academic Services Officers, Darrell Brockway, at (313) 577-3025, or Tiana Tocco at (313) 577-6240.

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